… sorry Tumblr, haven’t updated you in a while. ;w;
These are two of my favorite girls from Adventure Time. (:
Prints can be found here — just added in new inventory post- Emerald City Comicon! Yay!

Totoro and catbus vinyl stickers!! :3
Will be available at Emerald City Comicon this year! Look for them/me/stuff at the booth Compass Rose Press! :D
Website: www.joycehwang.com

You can also get them on Etsy! :3
it’s time, walgreens
even though i should be resting, i just can’t seem to sit still… i have a feeling this is going to take months to heal. :’D
sorry for the inactivity! i hope to upload more during the school year — ahhh!
i don’t even know. lol
inspired from stargazing at chelan this weekend. really wanted to overlay photographs but still waiting to steal them from a friend. :3
just something quick, nothing fancy! will refine when muse strikes again later!
just random stuff floating around lately. trying to draw a little differently. AGAIN.
SO MUCH. hahahah oh gerd.
oh also! need to start drawing moar. :’3 been mostly crafts-ing and painting and derping and working. DERP.
new steez.
i will complete a set one day. :D … ONE DAY.
been experimenting more and having fun with photography with a friend :D
instructor: we are introducing the wacom tablet today and different kinds of brushes. please create an expressive self-portrait.
me: OKAY.
Opaque  by  andbamnan